In the year 20XX… NYAN CAT GOES ADVENTURE! Single-button arcade action meets the Internet’s greatest Cat Meme, Nyan Cat! Super simple to pick up and play, starring all your favorite Nyan characters. 5 game modes jam packed with all the insanity you’d expect from the developers behind Techno Kitten Adventure!
"...addictive gameplay that can steal tons of hours between playing some triple-AAA games…good enough to actually spend money on" -The Gamerplex

"Nyan Cat Adventure takes the candy coloured sparkle of the internet meme and increases it tenfold. With insane rainbow puke visuals, Nyan Cat Adventure really grabbed our attention from the start" -The Indie Game Magazine

"I like that game, very psychedelic, gives you heart palpitations inside your brain" -Max Scoville, Destructoid

"Adorable and partially seizure inducing" -Tara Long, Destructoid


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